Your Vision is Our Challenge

Team up with DIN7’s engineering & product design task team and together we will optimize your vision all the way to production.

Who Can We Assist?

Tech companies, start-ups or government corporations. It doesn’t matter from which type of organization you come, as long as you have a product’s vision in mind. We are a vision-friendly, solution-oriented group of professionals working under the industry’s toughest standards. It doesn’t mean we don’t think outside of the box. That’s exactly what we do for you and your product’s development unit.


“DIN7 development unit” services

Our Work

Team up with DIN7’s engineering & product design task team and together we will optimize your vision all.

DIN7’s product development process

Kick Off
Let’s talk about your product, understand it and specify its needs. Together we will define the project’s scope, create the desired schedule and make a contract review. Your vision is about to become reality
Concept Design
Let’s form your product’s structure and its operative concept, its geometrical shapes, and start defining how will it look. In this phase, we will search for possible flaws and malfunctions and examine various design scenarios, laying all options on the table
Mechanical Engineering
In any production process, it’s the little details that make the difference. As little as a screw. Now’s the time to drill down further and discuss possible manufacturing technologies and connecting methods and parts
Things are getting real! After all that talking and planning a prototype is born. It will resemble “the real thing” and will be the first time you’ll meet your vision in reality. With this prototype, you could actually start selling your product. Exciting!
The Finish Line
Congratulations - You have a product! DIN7 will hand you over detailed documentation summing up all the information gathered about your product - simulation and 3D files, components & fasteners list - Everything you need in order to manufacture your product anywhere you wish

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