The DIN7 Spirit


/din sevən/

also known as parallel Dowel Pins, are solid metal cylindrical fasteners used to retain parts in a fixed position, alignment or join components within a wide range of applications.

Just like us! The systems we work with and for are significantly bigger than us, but we, small as we are, make them stronger and better. We connect the dots behind every good idea, precising it all the way to a solid success.


Our company manufactures products, but for us it’s really about the people behind them.

Challenge accepted!

The DIN7 team is a professional mix of experienced product designers, engineers, manufacturers and electronics technicians who simply love what they do. Our love translates to strong dedication to any project we’re invited to take part in. We don’t just sit on the side and give advice, we are all-in hands on field people! We are enthusiasts who embrace any challenge brought to us by our clients and we tend to swiftly become an integral part of the client’s task team, and we don’t stop until the mission is accomplished and a new product is born. That’s the DIN7 spirit!